Perseverance and your goals

Today we are going to be talking about perseverance I think it was Confucius that once said….
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

The definition in the dictionary of perseverance is:

The quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.

Beachfront Vacation Home’s

I like watching the beachfront vacation home shows on television. Watching those shows get me inspired because the families  know how to dream and they dream BIG! They are not afraid to take a step out of their comfort zone and move from where they are now to their dream destination.

The power of my extra hour


This morning I set my clock back one hour. I asked a couple friends today what they did with their extra hour and most of them said “slept in”. I didn’t  sleep in this morning, I turbo charged my extra hour and turned it in to an hour of power. I have been very productive all day and have got a ton of stuff done and knocked off about 10 things off  my to do list.

This afternoon I went out for  a run, it felt great to get outside even though it was a little chilly, not only did the time change today but the weather here in Southern Pennsylvania  has also changed, it was a balmy 35 degrees today.  You could feel the chill in the air today , most of the leaves are now off the trees and there were not very many people out walking and running compared to the last couple Sundays. . Maybe they were home watching football getting ready for a big Pittsburgh win tonight.

Can you help?

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Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your extra hour!

Its your dream. What are you waiting for?


One day I will_____. I once heard this this phrase referred to as Someday I’ll, as in some far away destination that someone is planing to visit. The question I have is, why say “One day I will____ ” Why not live your dream today?

What made me think of all this was I talked with someone  that I had not seen in a couple years and he was telling me about all the things he wants to do when he retires. I kept thinking to myself, why don’t you do some of these things today?  Why are you waiting for some magical time in the future to do all the stuff you want to do?

The way I look at is, the only time you really have is now and it would be wise to do what you want to do now. We think that one day we will get to all of our projects, our goals, our hobbies and go on that dream vacation. The fact is the time to go for your dreams is today. None of us know what is going to happen tomorrow, so why not go for our dreams today.

We sometimes self sabotage our dreams by procrastinating  and thinking about what happened to us yesterday or what is going to happen to us tomorrow and not being fully engaged in of all of the great stuff that is going on around us right now.

Today is Saturday and I have been enjoying every minute. Many of the things I did today some people may consider boring everyday tasks, like going for a run, getting a coffee, stopping for a hair cut, making lunch and cleaning around the house. The truth is I am enjoying every minute because I realize that my life is  made up of just a bunch these little experiences. I don’t want to to live my life on “Someday I’ll”  My choice is to live in the here and now.

Here are five  helpful hints for living in the present

  • Smile when you wake up in the morning and think of 5 things you have to be thankful.
  • Do things that get you engaged in the present moment, turn off the gadgets for a while and zone in on whats going on around you.
  • Let go of any thoughts that take you away from the present moment. Do one thing at a time.
  • Compliment someone and say thanks.
  • Be thankful for what you already have in your life and count your blessings


I think this quote is so awesome. ” Yesterday is history, tomorrows a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why its called the present”

Have a great day!

Go, Set, Ready

Go set ready

I have a note on my desk that says “2014 is the year of the Podcast”. Today is October 5th 2014, that means, I have just about 3 months to record and post my first podcast. I will get the first podcast posted to i tunes sooner than later. I have recently been taking  lots of action on stuff  more quickly and not waiting for all the lights to be green before I get started on a project. I am taking more of  a Go, Set, Ready approach to life. For example with this blog post, today I could have sat around thinking of some big title and wrote out a bunch of notes on what I want to talk about today. Nope…this is straight from the hip and unedited other than the spell check. The results that I have been experiencing are great I am getting a ton more things accomplished in a much shorter time frame.

As soon as I am finished writing this post I am going to jump on Fiver and find someone who is creative with audio to produce an intro to the podcast. Next week my goal is to recorded and  publish the first podcast to I tunes.

If you cant tell I am excited to get the podcast started and I am pushing myself to get it going. This blog will be so much more fun once it is in a podcast format and I can just  say whats on my mind. That is the fun of podcasting, its your own little radio station with you as the producer and host. I cant wait!

This whole website/podcast adventure for me is just like running, you never know what kind of run your going to have until you get out there and run. I have gone for runs that I thought were going to be my best and they did not turn out so great and other days when I was not feeling it, turned out to be some of my best runs ever. The key is, you just got to do something, anything that will get you moving in the direction of where you want to go and eventually you will get to your destination.

Earlier this morning it was 33 degrees which for  October 5, is just a tad chilly but I see that the sun has come out  and it has warmed up to a balmy 41 degrees it looks like it will warm up just enough this afternoon to set things up for a nice Sunday afternoon run.  Well, I am going to get moving here, have a great day and I will talk to you later!


Kinda Crazy for a Saturday

indexThis morning I woke up at 4:45 AM. Kinda crazy for a Saturday huh? I had my alarm set for 5:00 AM, so I got up a just a little earlier than I had planed. I really need to consider that everyone else in the house is not quite as excited about waking up early on Saturday as me.

Saturday, is usually the day I run 6 miles at 7:00 with the local running group. But today was not typical. I made a decision to take things in a little different direction. If you read my last post I have a 90 plan to make some changes. Today I took some action, instead of running 6 miles at 7:00 AM, I started my run at 6:30 AM, just a little earlier than normal. My plan was to run 9 miles, just a little farther than normal. I did some quick math and thought to myself, if I run 6 miles in 59 minutes I will run 9 miles in about an hour and a half, just a little more time than my normal Saturday run.

After about 5 miles in to my run, I noticed that I was not running as fast as I have been lately, I was holding back a bit since I knew that I going to run 3 miles more than normal, I wanted to have a little extra energy in the tank so I would be able to finish the 9 miles. During my run I thought that 9 is not a very round number and if I were to give it just a little extra effort I could do 10 miles. I cant even remember the last time I ran 10 miles. As I ran I just keep on thinking if I just give it a little extra effort,just a little more. Today I ran 10 miles and only took just a little extra effort.

Now its post run and I am doing a couple things to recover

Eating a little better today.
Drinking a little more water today
Getting a little rest so I can recover faster.
Taking a little better care of myself.

Little changes, great results!


Whats your 90 Day Plan?

90 Day PlanStarting today and for the next 90 days,  I am going create some forward momentum in my life.  For the next 90 days, I am going to take action on the things that will get me the results that I want and get me to where I want to go. To accomplish my goals I won’t have to reinvent the wheel, however it will require me to make just a few small adjustments in my training plan.

The focus of this 90 day plan will be on running, life goals, business and overall health. I am not going to spend a ton of  time writing  out a really big plan , I am just going to to jump in and get started.  The majority of the changes that I need make I  most likely already know what to do and if  get stuck along the way I will just type a question into a search engine and get the question answered.  Its time to stop over thinking everything and just start taking action!

My 90 day plan will be fun and exciting.  I am going at it with focus and clarity and will allow the plan to be adaptable to change. I am going to take action and create a pattern interrupt that will force me to make the changes and reach my goals. I will make choices action that will give me great results.

My outline to “Run” my life for the next 90 days

  • Take Action but keep it simple, since I can only do one thing at a time.
  • Have a reason and a desired outcome for each change that I plan to make.
  • Focus on the quality and not quantity
  • Take care of myself
  • Stay positive
  • Pray
  • Get rest
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink lots of water
  • Renew my commitment daily
  • If something is not working figure it out and start again, because obstacles can be over come.

90 days, I think, that’s about all it is going to take for me to make some big changes, November 30th will be here before you know it, its time to get moving.

By the way, I just crushed a 45 minute work out on the elliptical and I feel great!

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Have an awesome day!


Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. 
Try to be better than yourself.” -William Faulkner

What I pack in my running bag

Do you run? Do you have that special bag that you pack all your running gear? I’ll share with you what I pack in my running bag and how important it is to me to take the right things on my run.The first thing I pack is my wallet, I don’t need my wallet for running, but I take some cash so I can stop to get a banana, a water, a sports drink and depending on how much motivation I need maybe even a coffee.

I also pack some GU energy gel (not the Octane one, it has to much caffeine for me and most of the time I am wound up enough from coffee ) I have a  GU gel and some water about 15 minutes before I run. I pack  a towel because I plan to work hard and at the end will need it to dry off from my extreme effort.  I pack an old race shirt  so I can change into it so that I am not all sweaty on the way home, those old shirts also help to remind me what I can accomplish when I have a plan and am laser focused.

A couple other things that you will  find in my running bag are  icy hot,  the armband holder for my phone,  my new Yurbuds sport earphones, they are awesome I like them because they don’t fall out of my ears while I am running.

Here are the 3 Things I never forget to pack:

  • The right Attitude, I don’t leave home without it.
  • Enthusiasm, for before, during and after my run
  • A sense of accomplishment,  I take it back with me and carry it around until my next run.

Oh yeah and one more thing,  sunglasses, I heard this in a song from the 1970’s:

“Let me put my sunglasses on.
That’s the law around here, you got to wear your sunglasses.
So you can feel cool.”

Have a great day!

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running bag



Taking care of Velvet

Its Saturday July 12, 2014 and man have I been busy. I got up around 5:30 AM and got had my first cup of coffee to get me going and out the door. I was running a little earlier so I started my run at 6:45 AM. My run today was great, 6 miles of bliss, not my fastest but the weather was just perfect and I enjoyed every minute.
After the run we went for coffee and I ordered an extra coffee to take home for a little extra fuel for all my Saturday projects that I had lined up.
Do you have pets? If you don’t and want to keep busy on Saturdays you may want to get a few. We have 2 Labrador Retrievers, 2 cats who are sisters and roam all around the house and two cats that just kinda hang out downstairs. In addition, like that’s not enough we have 3 hermit crabs, a beta fish and Velvet our resident overly enthusiastic middle of the night wheel running hamster.
My mission is today has been to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy, between a cage cleaning for Velvet, water changing for the beta fish and other general upkeep I am not surprised that it is already 2:30 in the afternoon, this day is flying by fast.
Now its time to get outside and start to work on my afternoon projects, I am going to trim the trees and bushes in front of my house and give the grass a quick once over even though I don’t really think it needs cut yet, but I will make it look nice.
Sometimes I wonder where I get all this energy to do all these projects, I don’t think I would have half this energy if it were not for trying to live healthy, being a runner and lots of coffee.

Time to get busy. Have a great day!

Just keep moving.

If you don’t fall down you cant get up. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort to get better. Think of Thomas Edison who failed time after time until he finally created the light bulb. I am personally grateful that he did not give up. Just think, you may be just at the point of a breakthrough, if you are working on a worthwhile project keep going and don’t give up. The great things happen when you just keep moving.

“You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” Rocky

I still have dreams.

How did you use your time today? Did you use your time to do what you love? Did you use your time to achieve your dreams? Do you still have dreams? I know when I was a kid I dreamed that I could do anything, somewhere those dreams got sidetracked. Now I have resurrected those dreams, I am looking at my life and what I want to achieve and am surrounding myself with people that can contribute to my growth and my dreams. I am surrounding myself with people that think like me and want to dream like me. I am going to challenge myself to get better and better everyday. I feel like I am back on the right track.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” TE. Lawrence

Getting things moving.

Hey, whats up?
This is my first blog post and I am just going to let it rip. Today is Sunday June 8, 2014 and its about 1:00 PM in the afternoon and I am feeling great. I just want to let the world know that I am here and ready to start posting some awesome content to my website. Anyway my name is Howard and I have been on the net since about 1996 when it was the world according to dial up, oh what fun those days were waiting for a web page to load. I remember all the stuff, bulletin boards AOL, ICQ and Hotmail. Time has gone so fast it seems like yesterday. Is time going fast for you too? Now fast forward to 2014 wow so much has changed, now we have twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep us occupied. The question I have to ask myself is, how am I using all of this awesome technology to make my life great today? Well the first step is this website and this post to let the world know that I am here and ready to blog.
Today, right here and right now I am taking action. I could have put off blogging today, I can say I am not ready, I am not in the right mindset or a hundred other reasons why I could not post here and get this website off the ground. It feels great to take action to get moving and get the creativity flowing. I have greatness within me and I am ready to let it out. So what can you do today? You can do anything!
I set a goal today that I am going to get out on my bike and go ride at 3:00, I could make up a bunch of excuses why I cant go out to ride today, hum lets see, here are a few: it may rain, Sundays were meant to stay at home, I need some rest, I can get a few things done around the house, I could do some cleaning, cooking, organizing, you name it I could name tons of things that will keep me from doing what I want to do and that is ride my bike. Well here is the fact, listen very closely because this is my pearl of wisdom for the day, ready? Here we go…. I, am the boss of me. There you go, I am the boss of me. Whats that mean? Well I guess if I am the boss of me, you are the boss of you. So get going and do something you want to do today and oh by the way, Live your great life today!