The power of my extra hour


This morning I set my clock back one hour. I asked a couple friends today what they did with their extra hour and most of them said “slept in”. I didn’t  sleep in this morning, I turbo charged my extra hour and turned it in to an hour of power. I have been very productive all day and have got a ton of stuff done and knocked off about 10 things off  my to do list.

This afternoon I went out for  a run, it felt great to get outside even though it was a little chilly, not only did the time change today but the weather here in Southern Pennsylvania  has also changed, it was a balmy 35 degrees today.  You could feel the chill in the air today , most of the leaves are now off the trees and there were not very many people out walking and running compared to the last couple Sundays. . Maybe they were home watching football getting ready for a big Pittsburgh win tonight.

Can you help?

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Have a great rest of the day and enjoy your extra hour!

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