Glad to know your site is up and running! I look forward to keeping up with your posts and really enjoyed your first one……hey…I am the boss of me too! I got tons of starter flowers from a friend yesterday, and since I got home late I left them in my car overnight. Well, I got up this morning and thought of putting off planting them all since it looked like it might rain….also I knew it would be a big job that would take a few hours and I have to go into work this afternoon (another great excuse)….not to mention I have a lot of housework to catch up on. My list of excuses seemed to grow with every passing minute…..then I remembered your post. Well, without delay I threw on some clothes and headed for the car. It was a lot of work and it did take three hours, but when I was done I felt great! No excuses…..great advice!!!!!


What a fantastic message!!!! I look forward to tuning in to your podcast on a regular basis.
Keep up the great work!!!