Kinda Crazy for a Saturday

indexThis morning I woke up at 4:45 AM. Kinda crazy for a Saturday huh? I had my alarm set for 5:00 AM, so I got up a just a little earlier than I had planed. I really need to consider that everyone else in the house is not quite as excited about waking up early on Saturday as me.

Saturday, is usually the day I run 6 miles at 7:00 with the local running group. But today was not typical. I made a decision to take things in a little different direction. If you read my last post I have a 90 plan to make some changes. Today I took some action, instead of running 6 miles at 7:00 AM, I started my run at 6:30 AM, just a little earlier than normal. My plan was to run 9 miles, just a little farther than normal. I did some quick math and thought to myself, if I run 6 miles in 59 minutes I will run 9 miles in about an hour and a half, just a little more time than my normal Saturday run.

After about 5 miles in to my run, I noticed that I was not running as fast as I have been lately, I was holding back a bit since I knew that I going to run 3 miles more than normal, I wanted to have a little extra energy in the tank so I would be able to finish the 9 miles. During my run I thought that 9 is not a very round number and if I were to give it just a little extra effort I could do 10 miles. I cant even remember the last time I ran 10 miles. As I ran I just keep on thinking if I just give it a little extra effort,just a little more. Today I ran 10 miles and only took just a little extra effort.

Now its post run and I am doing a couple things to recover

Eating a little better today.
Drinking a little more water today
Getting a little rest so I can recover faster.
Taking a little better care of myself.

Little changes, great results!


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