Taking care of Velvet

Its Saturday July 12, 2014 and man have I been busy. I got up around 5:30 AM and got had my first cup of coffee to get me going and out the door. I was running a little earlier so I started my run at 6:45 AM. My run today was great, 6 miles of bliss, not my fastest but the weather was just perfect and I enjoyed every minute.
After the run we went for coffee and I ordered an extra coffee to take home for a little extra fuel for all my Saturday projects that I had lined up.
Do you have pets? If you don’t and want to keep busy on Saturdays you may want to get a few. We have 2 Labrador Retrievers, 2 cats who are sisters and roam all around the house and two cats that just kinda hang out downstairs. In addition, like that’s not enough we have 3 hermit crabs, a beta fish and Velvet our resident overly enthusiastic middle of the night wheel running hamster.
My mission is today has been to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy, between a cage cleaning for Velvet, water changing for the beta fish and other general upkeep I am not surprised that it is already 2:30 in the afternoon, this day is flying by fast.
Now its time to get outside and start to work on my afternoon projects, I am going to trim the trees and bushes in front of my house and give the grass a quick once over even though I don’t really think it needs cut yet, but I will make it look nice.
Sometimes I wonder where I get all this energy to do all these projects, I don’t think I would have half this energy if it were not for trying to live healthy, being a runner and lots of coffee.

Time to get busy. Have a great day!

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