My New Waffle Trainers


When I was a kid, no one ever told me that you could only run in shoes for 300 miles.  I bet I wore my first running shoes for three years. I am not sure how many miles I ran in those shoes, but I know it was way way more than 300 miles maybe like 3,000

Shoes sure seem like they  lasted longer when your are only 115 lbs. Yup, when I was in 8th grade and just started out running I was somewhere around 115 pounds, no wonder it felt like I was flying in the air when I ran.

I remember my first  trip to the new running store in our local mall. I was in in 8th grade and  it was early September. A kid in the neighborhood that I went to school with was into running and he was intent on turning me into a runner too, I don’t think he really cared about me becoming a runner so much as he did just having someone who looked like a runner to drag along.  He always seemed pretty knowledgeable about running and especially about running shoes,  looking back he probably did because there were only like  6 shoes choose form.

My first pair of shoes were Nike waffle Trainers, I remember them vividly they were blue with the yellow swoosh. When I think of that pair of shoes I get very nostalgic and get the urged to to go on e bay and buy a pair. I always wonder if people go on to eBay looking for things from there childhood, I do it all the time.

One thing that was great about running in the late 70s as a kid was there was no pressure to be fashionable when it came to running clothing. Your choice was grey sweat shirt and grey sweatpants or a grey sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. I think it was all about the whole Rocky look.

One day this coming spring I am going to take a trip back to my hometown and run those same streets that I did as a kid. I may not have the waffle trainers but I will take with me what I still have left from my early days of running my high energy and enthusiasm for running.

Have an awesome Day!